Domestic Cleaning

Keeping a clean home is not easy, it sometimes can feel like your second job! The fact is, maintaining a clean and tidy home is important for your wellbeing, inside and out. We all know that feeling when you’ve come home from a busy day at the office or maybe out of a complete day to day task and your home is a mess. The last thing you want to do is sort it all out, that’s where we come in! Our domestic cleaners are here to look after everything from the heavy-duty work to the dishes.

We will provide you the right combination of quality service that works for yourself at a reasonable price, as well as to provide the utmost professional and reliable cleaners in the area.

Whether you need a one-off, weekly or fortnightly clean, Ashford Cleaners Ltd will leave your home refreshed and sparkling.

  • Vacuuming and mopping your floors.
  • Tidying up the house, washing up, drying & putting away as necessary
  • Clean/polish tiles, worktops & hob

General Cleaning

Deep Cleaning