When you are renting a property there are two cleans that matter the most – the one when you move in, to make sure that your new home is spotless and welcoming, and the one when you move out, to make sure you get your deposit back. You can trust Ashford Cleaners Ltd with both types.

Many landlords and letting agencies are entirely reasonable about the state that you leave your rental property in. But there are many others who seem to have an almost endless checklist. It is hard to satisfy these people, and no satisfaction for them means no full deposit returned for you. That is where Ashford Cleaners Ltd come in for end of tenancy cleaning. We are here for people living in the Ashford area who don’t have the necessary time, desire or patience. Don’t spend hours and hours struggling without the skill, experience and the right sort of equipment to make sure every last nook and cranny is spotless. Let us do the job.

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